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Ducted Fan Unit JETFAN-80

[0002 - 1002]

The new ducted fan unit JETFAN-80 was designed especially for the new 80mm EDF-class.  We reached our goal to gain much more thrust and E-Flux for a more dynamic climbing and high speed passes. Also a much better whooshing sound was theresult. THIS JETFAN-80 is NOT CRYING  

Also the usage of your existing 36mm up to 41mm outer diameter motors is possible. So you have the advantage to choose from a wider range of acailable motors.

 So now the change to a better, powerfull flying of your existing 80mm jets will come true!

The weight od the JETFAN-80 is 122 gramm / 4,3 ounces.

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Impeller; Modellflugzeuge; Modellbau; Jetfan; eJets

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